Party Hearty

... on the second weekend of June.

The Stoneman Arduenna Days with Roland Stauder on the weekend of the opening ceremony – twice the fun

On the second weekend of June, from June 10-12, there will be two events in Bütgenbach, East Belgium.
Roland Stauder will personally show you the most beautiful trails in East Belgium as part of the Stoneman Days. In addition, the promised Stoneman Arduenna opening ceremony will be made up for.

Ride with Roland

Stoneman Arduenna Days: Silver-Guiding with Roland

  • Arrive relaxed on 9.6.2022 in Bütgenbach
  • Ride the Silver Tour from 10.-11.6.2022 together with other bikers
  • Stage 1: Bütgenbach - Burg Reuland
  • Stage 2: Burg Reuland - Bütgenbach
  • Roland Stauder, inventor of the Stoneman, will accompany you.
  • Make your mark on the finisher list ....
  • ... and let Roland Stauder personally present you with the trophy!

The ceremonial opening of the Stoneman Arduenna

In 2020, the starting signal was given for the Stoneman Arduenna in East Belgium. In 2022 we are already rolling into the third season!
There have been many requests, finally we can confirm! The catch-up date of the ...

Stoneman Arduenna Opening Ceremony

... is Saturday, 11 June.
The celebration will take place in Bütgenbach. All friends of mountain biking are cordially invited to celebrate together in the open air.
Come along, there are a number of highlights waiting for you.

Stoneman Arduenna Mountainbike Ostbelgien: Gipfel erorbern

Dig for Gold

Start the Gold Tour in Bütgenbach and register with the team name #Opening. Not only will you receive a personalised trophy plate for free – you will also be presented with the trophy or your stone by Roland Stauder himself.

Stoneman Arduenna Party Fete Eröffnungsfeier

Highlights for Everyone

  • High quality live rock!
  • Freshly tapped drinks
  • Numerous bike exhibitors
  • Fries & catering
  • Pumptrack for young and old
  • Ceremonial trophy presentation
  • Belgian joie de vivre!
Stoneman Arduenna Guiding 2

Stoneman Trial Loop

On two one-time 31km and 52km loops, you will get to know the Stoneman spirit with your own starter card and accompanied by our guides – for free! Fun and enjoyment of nature on the mountain bike are the essentials. As a reward you will receive a Stoneman buff and a surprise from our partner .

The Stoneman Spirit lives through you. Be there!

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Stoneman Arduenna-seizoen 2022: 15. April tot 15. September

Stoneman Arduenna-Saison 2022: 15. April bis 15. September

Stoneman Arduenna-season 2022: 15. April to 15. September

Stoneman Arduenna saison 2022: du 15. April au 15. September

De startklim in Malmedy van 17,5 km en 490 Hm was een klapper! En tussen Bütgenbach en Maspelt: Een heftig stuk Stoneman. Mega Trails, geweldige flow, schitterend landschap en veel zon!
Daniel (Coffee & Chainrings) · goud · 7/2020

Der Startclimb in Malmedy mit 17,5 km und 490 Hm war der Hammer! Und zwischen Bütgenbach und Maspelt: Ein furioses Stück Stoneman. Mega Trails, super Flow, geniale Landschaft und ordentlich Sonne!
Daniel (Coffee & Chainrings) · Gold · 7/2020

L´ascension de départ à Malmedy avec 17,5 km et 490 m de hauteur était géniale ! Et entre Bütgenbach et Maspelt : un morceau de Stoneman enthousiasmant. Méga sentiers, super déroulé, paysage génial et suffisamment de soleil !
Daniel (Coffee & Chainrings) · or · 7/2020

The startclimb in Malmedy with 17,5 km and 490 Hm was sick! And between Bütgenbach and Maspelt: A magnificent bit of Stoneman. Insane trails, never-ending flow, marvellous landscapes, all in a real suntrap!
Daniel (Coffee & Chainrings) · gold · 7/2020

SAAm_Facts 176 km 3900 hm
Stoneman Arduenna: duik het bos in.
Stoneman Arduenna: Erde Dich.